When I was coming to this center (Excel London) today, I felt a pain in my eye and I told God that I did not want to go back
home with a complaint. But I was happy that when Daddy G.O was preaching. My case was the first to be mentioned. And I actually
got my healing instantly. (The eyes) are no longer itching. Praise the Lord!— Healed of eye Pain! – Sister Temitope Olanrewaju

After the last Festival of Life, my brother recieved healing from mental illness. There is no history of mental illness in my
family; all of a sudden in June, one day, he went mental. It was said that the planof the enemy was for himm to to be thrown into
a mental institution. But a few onths later -in october, after FOL – we saw God’s woprk in his life. To the glory of Go, he celebrated
his birthday on christmas day, completely healed, like nothing had happened to him earlier in the year. Also, my mum has been restored
for the second time from myeloma, which is a sort of cancer of the blood. God has indeed benn faithful.— Brother Delivered from Mental illness – Sister Kemi Kupolokun

I delivered my second son by emergency ceasarean section last year because of some issues. After delovery, I was informed that my son had bleeding in the brain
and the path mainly affected is the one responsible for cogniion and motor function. I was told he also had stroke and was partially deaf. I believed God
that he is completely healed and trusted God for a word confirming that tonight. Daddy G.O’s second word of prophecy said that exactly: ‘a lady is here whose
retarded son’s journey to total health has begun tonight.’ Praise the Lord with me.— child with Learning Disability Begins Recovery – Sister Olakitan Olatunde